Government mesures for the digital transformation of the Barcelona City Council. The mesures that you will find in this link are information tools generated by the Technology and Digital Innovation Commissionate of Barcelona to share the policy, strategy and implementation process of the digital transformation of Barcelona City Council.

Guide for managing Free Software projects (at this moment it is only available in Catalan). The next guide specifies the free software and open code usage and development policies, stablished in the prior document, in a series of measures and recommendations to guide IMI's staff in the daily management of projects based on free software, in areas like: searching and designing the solutions, contracting services, developing, implementing and maintaining information systems, as well as participating in open communities.

BIMA img

BIMA is a DAM application developed to organize and manage digital images assets, with built-in cataloging, indexing and advanced search functionalities. The images are organized based on albums and galleries (one image can belong exclusively to one album, as well as multiple galleries). The access to the images depends on the user profile and assigments to the gallery or album. The application is multilingual (both in the interface and the metadata support - titles, descriptions, keywords, taxonomies). All the photos and galleries can be consumed via web service (REST), making easy the integration and centralized management of the information.

Bústia Ètica i de Bon Govern img

La Bústia Ètica I de Bon Govern (Ethical mailbox and of Good Governance) is a secure channel that allows the anonimus participation of citizens to inform about any action or omission contrary to the values of Good Governance and thus reinforce public management.

It was proposed and created by the independent organisation Xnet. It has been developed by the Barcelona City Council as an extension of the programm Globaleaks, which was developed by ‘Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights’.


Decidim (We Decide) is a participative and direct democracy web platform based on the framework Decidit (Decided).

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Open Data BCN is the open data portal of the Barcelona City Council and the main site of the organisation where one can find information, in reusable formats, thus enabling its access and use of the information for the common good and the benefit of the people and entities interested. The data catalogue uses CKAN software (Python), over which the opendatabcn extensions are built. The extensions are used to personalise its look & feel and increase its functionalities and federagobes for the federation of its data with the statal and european portals.


OSAM is the Services in the Cellphone Office (Oficina de Serveid Al Mòbil) from Barcelona City Council. OSAM provides modules that can be used to perform a series of common tasks in all the published apps from the Barcelona City Council. The modules are:

Version control (IOS/Android):
This modules allows to alert the user, in a paramethrised way, that the version it is executing is obsolete. The module allows to do it either as an advise or as making it mandatory to update to the new version to continue using the product. It also allows rediredction to an external element in case of product discontuinity.

PICS img

PICS is the frontend of the webapp 'Punts d'interès de ciutat' (City's Points of Interest) initially developed by Metodian for Ajuntament de Barcelona (Barcelona City Council). It is created with Ionic 2, a framework working on top of AngularJS. The directory structure is the Ionic standard, dividing page files (each page in a folder with SCSS, TS and HTML template files) and provider files.

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qVista is a tool built on the API of Qigis, to simplify the use of territorial information of Barcelona with special emphasis on technical services and management teams. It is a project developed by the Department of Territorial Information Systems of the IMI (Municipal Institute of Information Technology) of the Barcelona City Council.

Sentilo img

Sentilo is an open source sensor and actuator platform designed to fit in the Smart City architecture of any city who looks for openness and easy interoperability. It’s built, used, and supported by an active and diverse community of cities and companies that believe that using open standards and free software is the first smart decision a Smart City should take.

In order to avoid vertical solutions, Sentilo is designed as a cross platorm with the objective of sharing information between heterogeneous systems and to easily integrate legacy applications.


Vincles BCN is a new service of the City of Barcelona's Social Services Department to help us keep in touch with our seniors. Vincles BCN allows you to make videocalls to the senior, send them videos, photos, and suggest meetings. For this app to be activated a senior who is a member of Vincles must provide you with an access code to his/her network.